Destiny: Age of Triumph easter egg brings Dinklebot back for his most infamous line

Dinklebot has returned. Love it or hate it (okay let's be honest, nobody loved it), Peter Dinklage's performance as Ghost was one of the defining features of vanilla Destiny. And thanks to the Age of Triumph, an in-game event celebrating the first three years of Destiny, you can relive the Dinkle-days all over again - or at least, several seconds' worth of them.

A new easter egg has been added to the game, and it's apparently quite easy to access. According to Reddit, all you need to do is complete the mission The Dark Within, and Ghost will deliver his infamous "That Wizard came from the moon" line with Dinklage's voice. Then he'll clear his… throat... (does Ghost have a throat?) and snap back to Nolan North. You can see it in action here:

Pretty neat little throwback there, Bungie! Just make sure you don't play the game too loud or *flat, monotone voice* you'll have woken the Hive.

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