Destiny 2's King's Fall raid has an audio "issue" that's producing an "extremely loud roar"

Destiny 2 King's Fall Raid Bungie screenshot Guardian fireteam lined up
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Destiny 2 players are being warned to turn down their audio following the discovery of an audio issue that is taking unsuspecting players by surprise.

Developer Bungie issued the warning over the weekend, confirming that until "a fix can be implemented", players tackling the King's Fall raid should "lower their audio output" to mitigate an "extremely loud roar".

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As if that stage of the raid wasn't already brutal enough, Golgoroth is now inadvertently issuing a terrifyingly loud roar when wiping out a team, scaring players.

"We’re aware of an issue where Golgoroth can sometimes produce an extremely loud roar in the King’s Fall raid," Bungie tweeted. "It’s recommended to lower your audio output when fighting Golgoroth until a fix can be implemented."

As yet there's no news on when the fix may be available, so take the warning under advisement - or avoid headphones - should you be venturing into the newly restored raid any time soon.

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