Destiny 2's getting rid of random perk rolls for loot and the response is divided

Destiny 2 will loosen the sometimes kind, but usually cruel, grip of random loot tables. Game director Luke Smith revealed in an interview with Mashable that all of Destiny 2's weapons and armor will have set selections of perks and stats. You'll never again need to compare three of the same items side by side to see which is best compared to its "optimal" incarnation: a gun is a gun is a gun.

It isn't a total 180. Some items in the original Destiny had set attributes. But others would draw a number of their playstyle-shaping perks from a pool of possibilities. For instance, I stuck with my Duskrender Type 0 helmet back in The Taken King days because it had the Better Already perk, which would kickstart my shield regeneration as soon as I picked up an Orb of Light. The same helmet with a different perk in that slot would have been nothing special for my tank-y Titan.

Some players on Destiny's Reddit community were encouraged by the change.

Others had some concerns.

Smith added that having items be more static will make power balancing - a constant headache for the original Destiny - substantially easier. I mean, it's still going to be super hard, like it is for every multiplayer game, but less so. But as several of those commenters observed, it's also going to change how Bungie will need to approach loot rewards and grind.

"How can my second, third, and tenth Better Devils hand cannon be interesting? That's a question we should be asking and answering as quickly as we can," Smith said. "We have ideas. While I would like nothing more than to share those ideas with you, we're up against [a deadline]. I don't know if they'll make it for our September 6 [release] date. But we have some ideas that we're pretty excited about."

Another big change coming to Destiny 2 is the inclusion of an actual story, according to Smith. See more of the tweaks coming down the line in our Destiny 2 info round-up.

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