Destiny 2 will celebrate Valentine's with the return of Crimson Days

For some, romance is flowers and chocolates; for others, it's securing that perfect Destiny 2 hand cannon with a favorite clan member. If you're planning to spend Valentine's Day running raids with your fellow Guardians, we've got good news: the Crimson Days event is coming back. 

"The rumors are True. Crimson Days is coming back," said Bungie community manager Cozmo23 in a Reddit post. "It won't be the same as last time (2016). We will talk about how it is changing in the blog update on Thursday." 

If you missed Crimson Days in vanilla Destiny, it was a special event that added a new PvP mode, along with new ghosts, sparrows, and weapon ornaments that you could win by grinding or just splashing some cash on special engrams. The new version will - according to data posted on the same Reddit thread - include a return of the Crimson Doubles mode, weapon ornaments, sparrows, ghost, and gift boxes. Bungie will need to tread carefully with anything to do with paid engrams, even if it is the season of romance.

We'll no doubt get the official word on the update from Thursday's blog post, and it sounds like we could hear more about the future of Destiny 2 as well, if this tweet from game director Christopher Barrett is anything to go by. 

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It's obviously an interesting time for the Bungie development team, and seasonal updates are a good way to win back some fan goodwill. 

We'll bring you all the news as it breaks on Thursday. 

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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