Destiny 2 is already nerfing Stasis in PvP and adding more guns to the loot pool

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Bungie nerfed the new Stasis subclasses in Destiny 2: Beyond Light as part of today's patch, and it will add more weapons to the world loot pool in an upcoming update.

Stasis and loot variety have been the biggest points of community feedback since the expansion's release, and that goes for our Destiny 2: Beyond Light review in progress as well. Today's update will reign in our newly iced Guardians, especially Shadebinder Warlocks, and change how they perform in the Crucible. Here's the full list of changes.

  • Shadebinder Warlock Super exploit fixed, preventing shatter from one-shotting bosses.
  • Stasis breakout damage reduced from 110 to 90 HP. Today's patch also increased the amount of breakout damage reduction that Resilience provides, capping at 90 Resilience.
  • Shadebinder Warlock melee projectile speed reduced by 20%, and range reduced from 28 meters to 16 meters.
  • Shadebinder Warlock Super duration reduced from 30 seconds to 24 seconds. Light attack energy cost slightly reduced from 5% to 4.5% to offset this.  
  • Cold Snap Stasis grenade seeker speed reduced by 23%.
  • PvP only - Cold Snap grenade, Ice Flare Bolt seeker, and Shadebinder Warlock melee freeze duration reduced from 4.75 seconds to 1.35 seconds. 
  • PvP only - Shadebinder Warlock Super heavy attack no longer damages players who aren't frozen. 

Many Stasis abilities remain unchecked, but Warlocks were handily the most egregious class in PvP (source: I main Warlock), so these are welcome changes. I suspect we'll see at least one more pass of Stasis tuning before the season's up, but only time will tell.

These Stasis changes are out today, but players will have to wait a bit longer for changes to the loot pool. In an update coming on November 24, Bungie will expand the legendary loot pool by adding "all of the Seventh Seraph weapons from Season 10" as well as "all of the Season 11 seasonal and planetary reprisal weapons." Additionally, newer items will be more likely to drop, so you won't see as many ancient weapons (ahem, Long Shadow) in the future. 

"Infusion caps are intended to help keep Destiny 2 evolving and ensure that [with] every release the new rewards are exciting and relevant to the meta," Bungie explains in a blog post, referring to the newly instated sunsetting system. "However, we agree with your feedback that there’s currently not enough variety in the world loot weapons available to players this season."

Some of the weapons from Season 11 are already available in-game, so it's hard to tabulate exactly how many guns this update will add to the loot pool. If I were to guess, it's somewhere in the range of 20 to 25, which is a decent chunk. The addition of the Seventh Seraph weapons from season 10 and the Ikelos weapons from Season 11 will also make Warmind Cell builds much more accessible, especially for newer players. The change to drop rates may be the more impactful update here, though, since it will put newer guns in front of players more often. Either way, this is also nice to see. 

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