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Destiny 2 is adding random loot to Tower vendors and buffing two bad weapon perks

Destiny 2 Black Armory
(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 Season 14 will return the Black Armory Exo Ada-1 to the Tower as an updated vendor offering combat mods and randomly rolled armor, and the Gunsmith Banshee-44 is also stepping up his game with randomly rolled guns. 

Ada-1 will sell a new armor mod and combat style mod every day, Bungie announced (opens in new tab), making it much easier for newer players to catch up on old but powerful builds. Each week, she'll also offer a random armor set chosen from the world loot pool, with random stat rolls on each piece. The armor masterworking materials currently sold by Banshee-44 (modules, cores, prisms, and shards) will also be moved to Ada's inventory. 

Banshee, meanwhile, will sell six weapons from the world loot pool every week. He'll stock two kinetic, energy, and power weapons, all featuring random rolls. "So, at each weekly reset when you log in, you can head to the Tower and see what the Gunsmith is selling, and maybe pick up a weapon you’ve been looking for with a roll you are excited to use," Bungie says. 

Destiny 2 players have been asking for a vendor refresh – an update to the gear sold by the vendors in the Tower – for years, and while this isn't a total refresh, it will dramatically increase the variety of loot that can be purchased every week. The Gunsmith update, in particular, smacks of the weekly Armsday event from the original Destiny, where players could order specific weapons every week and hope for the right random rolls. This is less deterministic, but it preserves the spice of getting new weapons every week. It'll be interesting to see if this system is one day expanded to the Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit vendors. 

On top of new vendor lineups, Season 14 will make another highly requested loot change in the form of perk rebalancing. Celerity and Bottomless Grief, which are exclusive to Adept weapons and are only active when everyone else in your fireteam is dead, have been performing poorly and dragging down the exclusive weapons that roll with them. 

To make these perks and their guns more appealing, Bungie's buffing the pants off them and moving them to a special secondary perk column, letting players pick between them and traditional perks. Note that existing Adept weapons won't be updated with this new perk tree, so you'll need to get new Adept guns to use it. Of course, the perks themselves will be changed, though. 

Bottomless Grief, which fully reloads your mag when you get a kill as the only surviving fireteam member, will now add a huge chunk to your magazine size at all times. Similarly, Celerity will buff your reload and handling even when your teammates are alive. "We found that a trigger condition that relies on failure generally feels pretty bad, and the power it grants doesn't negate that feeling," weapons feature lead Chris Proctor explained. 

The vendor changes will benefit all players, but especially new or mid-game players, while the Celerity and Bottomless Grief changes will add yet another carrot for end-game players to chase. Altogether, the Season 14 loot changes are looking great. 

After the latest community summit, Destiny 2 players are hoping to see more player-requested changes in future seasons. 

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