How to get Fragmented Souls in Destiny 2: Forsaken's Festival of the Lost event

The Destiny 2: Forsaken Festival of the Lost celebration is in full swing, and as part of the Halloween celebrations in Bungie's shared world shooter, new rewards are available for any Guardians who hop in for the limited time grind. 

Destiny 2 Fragmented Souls are an added currency for acquiring exclusive Festival of the Lost loot from Amanda Holliday in the The Tower, which includes some funky Halloween cosmetics and a new, 600 Power level Legendary auto rifle called Horror Story. To accrue Destiny 2 Fragmented Souls, you'll first need to complete the new LTE quest called Festival of the Lost... Sector before returning to Amanda to pick up her weekly and daily Bounties, completing any of which will award you with a dollop of Souls.

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However, different Bounties provide varying amounts of Fragmented Souls upon their completion, dependent on things like difficulty, Bounty type, or just the whims of Bungie's design philosophy. A Daily Bounty, for example, gives you just a single Fragmented Soul, while completing Amanda's sole Weekly Bounty before Tuesday's reset offers 40 of the little gemstones. 

You can also earn Fragmented Souls by running through the Haunted Forest activity, a procedurally generated time attack mission that can be accessed with up to two other Guardians at The Tower. Finishing the Haunted Forest, which can be replayed as many times as you like, will net you with a chest of Fragmented Souls, though the number of how many you receive depends on how far you got through the mission within the 15 minute time limit. 

Horror Story, which is what most people will be grinding towards, costs 120 Fragmented Souls, so there's certainly a bit of a steep curve before you'll be able to get your hands on Destiny 2's newest addition to its arsenal. Still, with content this fun and this spooky, it's hardly going to be a chore for the truly committed. 

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