Destiny 2 bug makes new exotic grenade launcher one-shot raid bosses

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2 just got a new exotic grenade launcher and it's one-shotting raid bosses.

A number of examples collated by the good people at PC Gamer show the new Witherhoard launching raid boss-deleting grenades, much to the confused satisfaction of players. Here are a few close-ups of the currently very broken Witherhoard in action:

You'll notice the caption on that last clip notes that the fatal damage the Witherhoard inflicts on raid bosses probably wasn't intentional by Bungie. That means it's probably being patched out at this very moment, and if not it'll almost certainly be patched out relatively soon. It also means you should absolutely grab yourself one of those suckers and laugh maniacally as you fire off death bombs at unsuspecting raid bosses.

You'll need to download the new Season of Arrivals expansion for Destiny 2 before you can start dunking on raid bosses, but you'll have immediate access to the Witherhoard if you carry a season pass. The big new update also adds a new dungeon, Prophecy, and is available to all Destiny 2 players (including New Light-only players) now. 

Bungie recently unveiled massive plans for the next three years of Destiny 2's future, and it's set to shake things up in major ways, some even likening the collective expansions as Destiny 3 in all but name. Here's a round-up of everything we learned during June 9's Destiny 2 reveal, written up by GamesRadar's very own authority on Destiny 2, Austin Wood.

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