Destiny 2 adding seasonal mods to over a dozen armor sets in response to player feedback

(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie will add seasonal mod slots to over a dozen armor sets in Destiny 2's world drop pool in an update coming in April, the studio announced. 

With the release of the Season of the Worthy, over a dozen old armor sets were revitalized for Armor 2.0 and added to the world loot pool, which can drop from basically anything. The problem, as many players quickly pointed out, is that these sets couldn't use any of the seasonal mods - things like Charged with Light and the new Warmind Cell mods. The desire to use old fashionable armor clashed with the need to use strong new armor, and this rendered the returning armor pretty worthless. 

Fortunately, all 17 of these armor sets will receive seasonal mod slots next month. Six sets will receive Season of Dawn slots, while 11 will receive Season of the Undying mod slots. You can find the full list of sets here

In case you missed it, seasonal mods now work on a three-season cycle. These mod slots can accept mods from the season before and after the one they were released in. In other words, Season of Dawn mod slots can use Season of the Undying or Season of the Worthy mods. Season of the Undying mods, however, cannot use Season of the Worthy mods. This means that only six of these sets will be able to use the Warmind Cell mods available this season, but given the intersection with Charged with Light builds, the other 11 sets will still be valuable. 

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