Del Toro says Silent Hills "would've done fantastic stuff", PT wasn't 'full' Kojima

Continuing the ongoing salt-in-wound-rubbing that is any talk of Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima's almost-made Silent Hills, the two talked about it more at this year's DICE summit.

One interesting thing the pair mentioned was just how much PT was meant to deceive people initially - lower resolutions and frame rates were used to appear more like a scrappy indie project than big budget game for example. "When we were looking at PT," explains De Toro, "[Kojima] said 'we’re going to do this low tech. We're going to do this so people don't know it's us until the ending. It’s going to be kinda a bit crappy…' PT itself was meant to be a decoy. We were thinking people would take 10 days, two weeks to solve it and they solved it in two days."

We'll never know what the final game would have been, but Del Toro says, "We had great plans. We had great ideas I think that would have done fantastic stuff," and adds that what we saw of PT wasn't even Hideo giving it his all: "it was fantastic, the results were amazing, and that was him not putting his foot full on the pedal."

Well, that's just great.

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