Del Toro discusses Mimic ordeal for first time

Guillermo Del Toro will finally give his personal account of what happened during the tortured Mimic shoot, in his first ever biography tapped for release in 2010/2011.

The book, called Clockwork Fables: The Fantasy Worlds of Guillermo Del Toro, is written by film critic, author and broadcaster Alan Jones.

Jones told Total Film that the book will contain exclusive interviews with Del Toro, addressing his childhood and personal life, and how his experiences have formed the unique vision of his work.

Del Toro actively involved

The writer confirmed to us that the director will be involved in every stage of the book’s production.

"He’s been really collaborative on making the book. I spoke to him when he was signing The Hobbit and editing Hellboy 2, but I was amazed at how much time he put aside to speak to me. He really wants to be involved at every stage.

"The main thing I want to address in the book is Guillermo’s personality. I’ve met a lot of directors, but Guillermo is different to other directors in the way he speaks to people, and the way he approaches things."

A personal account of the director

According to Jones, his research and interviews with Del Toro has revealed how his private life has shaped his movies.

"One of the things I was surprised about was how much he went through in his childhood,” he said. “Everyone knows about his father being kidnapped but talking to him it’s surprising what also happened.

“Every time he told one of these stories I saw immediately how it related to something in one of his films. There’s been a lot written about his body of work, but no one has really has looked at his childhood and where he’s come from."

Mimic and The Hobbit

Of particular note will be the section on Mimic, Del Toro’s much troubled Miramax picture that brought the director head-to-head with The Weinstein machine. Jones is being cautious (as anyone who has read Down and Dirty Pictures can understand), but promises the Del Toro's feelings will be addressed.

"Obviously I’m being careful with how I present the information,” Jones said. "I will say that the book will contain Guillermo’s first personal account of Mimic, and his thoughts on what happened during the process of making the film."

Jones is hoping to start writing the book in January for a 2010/2011 release, to coincide with the release of The Hobbit. We’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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