Defense Grid: The Awakening cheats


Xbox 360 | Submitted by hops

Cheat Codes

You MUST click and hold down the right analog stick while entering these cheats. Note: Using cheats disables medals.

Right, Right, Right, Right - 100,000 resources

Up, Left, Down, Right - Cores cannot be taken

Down, Up, Down, Down - Free camera mode

Up, Up, Up, Up - Instant victory

Left, Right, Left, Right - Kill all aliens

Up, Down, Down, Up - Kill all aliens carrying cores

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right - Level select

Down, Down, Down, Down - Self-destruct (instant defeat)

Down, Up, Down, Up - Toggle target reticule

Up, Down, Left, Right - Unlock all tower types


Xbox 360 | Submitted by TW



Alien Tears (20) - Earn at least a gold medal on all Story mode missions in The Awakening campaign.

Base Defender (20) - Complete the Story mode in The Awakening campaign.

Death From Above (10) - Fire the orbital laser.

Exterminator (20) - Destroy 1000 aliens.

Field Promotion (10) - Earn at least one silver medal in any mission after The Awakening.

Flawless Victory (15) - Earn at least one gold medal in any mission after The Awakening.

Master Strategist (30) - Earn a gold medal on at least 40 Story or Challenge mode missions in any campaign.

Nail Biter (15) - Win a mission with the last remaining core less than 10 seconds away from the map exit.

Planet Defender (20) - Earn at least a silver medal on all Story mode missions in The Awakening campaign.

Salvage Rights (5) - Destroy at least one boss alien.

Siege Breaker (25) - Survive all 99 waves on any Grinder challenge mode.

Tower Expert (10) - Build at least one of every tower type and available upgrade.

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