Deep Down's trademark will expire if Capcom doesn't do something with it by February

Deep Down was one of the first games revealed for Sony's PlayStation 4, and it blew everyone away with its gorgeous visuals. Sadly, Capcom has failed to release the game since its 2013 debut, and we haven't even had so much as a new trailer in more than a year. But if anything's going to happen with this game, it's got to happen soon; Capcom has just filed its fifth and final extension on the Deep Down trademark.

The request for extension was filed August 2, which gives the company six months before the trademark is considered abandoned. If you're doing the math at home, that means Capcom has until February 2017 to produce a viable product before someone else can grab the name. To be clear, when I say "viable product," I mean that, according to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Capcom must "use the mark in commerce and submit a statement of use."

It's possible Deep Down could simply be given a new name or other distinguishing marks that would result in a new filing, or that no one would snatch the name from Capcom once it's considered abandoned. In any case, despite the company's silence on the matter, it doesn't appear that Capcom has given up on the game. Yet.

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Sam Prell

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