Deathloop is your new mystery game obsession from the developers of Dishonored

The next game from the developers of Dishonored is called Deathloop, and it may be even stranger than a game where you can blow people up by throwing jars of eldritch whale blood at them. Arkane Lyon debuted its new project at the Bethesda E3 2019 presentation with a cinematic trailer that follows a pair of protagonists who seem dead set on slaying each other. Literally dead set, because they seem to loop through time every time one is killed by the other.

Deathloop seems to take place in a strange region called Black Reef, the landscape of which is dominated by a giant, mysterious, uh, loop. It also includes more urban regions that appear to be inhabited by jerks in masks who have a big problem with our heroes. They're not really the issue though - it's the fact that the two protagonists just can't stop killing each other. Clearly their deaths aren't solving any kind of problem because the loop always just starts back up again, so I wonder if the two of them will need to work together to escape their temporal predicament. Or maybe one of them will just run out of lives eventually, I dunno, this is a video game.

Arkane Lyon wasn't ready to share any more specific gameplay details for Deathloop, let alone a release date. But this is very much going to be one to watch, especially if we can play it on PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

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Connor Sheridan

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