Shuhei Yoshida teases Death Stranding's second half: "I heard you'll definitely cry"

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

We all have another reason to envy Shuhei Yoshida's cool life now: he's already played about 10 hours of Death Stranding. Yoshida, who is president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, recently spoke to Japanese gaming publication Dengeki Online, and DualShockers translated the parts of the interview where he talks about his experiences with Death Stranding.

"In total I played around 10 hours from the beginning, but it still feels like it’s only starting," Yoshida explained. "Other people were there and would try the game simultaneously, including director Kojima, who showed me tons of ways to use Sam’s tools I didn’t think of myself."

We've seen how main character Sam Porter Bridges will be able to use practical objects like a telescoping ladder, as well as stranger items like grenades made from his blood, to traverse the post-apocalyptic United States and fight off the strange "BT" creatures. Kojima Productions gave players a ton of tools to deal with situations on their own terms in the Metal Gear series, and from everything we've seen and heard so far, Death Stranding will take a similar approach.

Yoshida wasn't ready to spill tons of story details (imagine that) but he did discuss a few of his narrative impressions: "I’d compare the story to a really well done Netflix original series. It feels like I reached only half of that series, and there are still many possibilities for what could happen next. Also, I heard you’ll definitely cry when reaching the second half of the game. Kojima Productions’ staff told me this, and even the debuggers at Sony told me this as well."

Debuggers have thick skins and minds like steel traps. You've really gotta hit them with capital-E Emotions to make them cry after everything they've seen, so you'd better get ready to cry like a BB when Death Stranding arrives this November.

Check out Death Stranding's ESRB rating for some more clues about the game.

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