Death Stranding 2's Norman Reedus says the sequel is more violent than its predecessor: "I feel like this one has a bit more violence in it"

Death Stranding 2 PS5 screenshot
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Death Stranding 2's Norman Reedus thinks the sequel has more violence in it, compared to the original's "passive" attitude. 

Speaking in the new episode of 'HideoTube,' which aired last week, Norman Reedus shares his thoughts on the latest trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. "There's a lotta new stuff going on. All the stuff that we've done recently has put a lot of the pieces together on what's happening in the story," Reedus says in the clip just below. 

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"In scale, it looks just epic; it just got bigger and bigger and bigger, and I love the robot barking dogs," the actor continues. There's some details even Reedus isn't privy to yet, like whatever's going on with the suction cups that pop up on someone's arm at one point. He isn't sure what'shappeningn there, but he reckons they smell pretty bad. 

"Even me in the game, doing the lines, in real time, it's all connecting the dots, it's wrapping up in a really cool way," Reedus adds. "The story of Higgs bringing the guns and distributing them around the world, I know what that means now, and I know where that story goes, which is a really crazy story. I felt like the first game there was something very passive about it, there was something very open and calm about it, and I feel like this one has a bit more violence in it."

Death Stranding 2's latest trailer was pretty action-packed, what with the weird ninja showing up, and Troy Baker's Higgs pulling out an electric guitar sword that also doubled as a gun. Perhaps Death Stranding 2 is full of scenes like this, given Reedus's comments, and less concerned with slowly transporting cargo over the fractured United States at your own pace. 

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is now slated for a 2025 launch, exclusively for PS5. Reedus's Japanese counterpart, Kenjiro Tsuda, recently said he had no clue what to expect from the sequel because Hideo Kojima won't tell him anything, so it looks like the actors are just piecing the bits together for themselves. 

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