Death Sentence review

An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind in James Wan's grimly effective revenge drama, though that doesn't prevent the Saw maker wallowing in the carnage that ensues once family man Kevin Bacon decides to get payback on the street gang who offed his beloved son. Based on the novel by Brian Death Wish Garfield, this vigilante actioner tries to cover all bases by having its hero's righteous vendetta against malevolent thug Garrett Hedlund spawn a cycle of retributive violence - an Iraq metaphor if ever there was one. Long before Kev Bickles himself into a tooled-up, shaven-headed nutjob, however, Wan's morally repugnant button-pusher has sacrificed any credibility (mostly earned from a classy five-minute steadicam chase round a multi-storey car park) at the altar of lurid thrill kills.

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