Visit the Extreme Venomverse before Death of Venomverse and Summer of Symbiotes

Extreme Venomverse #1 cover art
Extreme Venomverse #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Just as Spider-Man has his own Spider-Verse full of alt-reality spider heroes, so too does his arch-enemy Venom, who has his own Venomverse of symbiotes from across the Multiverse, who even had their own 2017 Venomverse event. In 2023, the Venomverse returns - but it may only be temporary, as the next story in the setting will be titled Death of the Venomverse, an event that Marvel has merely teased in an image by Gerardo Sandoval (seen below), with no concrete details yet announced.

Before that however, Marvel has announced Extreme Venomverse, a five-issue anthology limited series that takes readers all the way around the Venomverse itself in a series of stories that introduce new Venom 'Variants' - including some that may stick around for the upcoming 'Summer of Symbiotes' story.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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In Extreme Venomverse #1, writer Ryan North and artist Paolo Siqueira will visit a world where Eddie Brock is actually Spider-Man. Then writer Mirka Andolfo visits a whole Brock family, and artist Leonardo Romero shows off a samurai-style Venom. Artist Nico Leon is also named as a contributor to the issue, but it's not specified for which story.

Venom is the name of the first symbiote that came to the Marvel Universe. It first bonded with Peter Parker after he first used the symbiote as a costume to replace his classic blue and red outfit. When its true symbiotic nature was revealed, Peter ditched the symbiote costume. 

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However, it soon bonded with Eddie Brock, whose hatred of Peter Parker led to the creation of Venom. Though Venom originally started out as a particularly brutal villain for Spider-Man, he eventually became the so-called 'Lethal Protector,' an anti-hero who has often been forced to work alongside Spider-Man, and who has even found himself fighting alongside heroes such as the Avengers from time to time when his symbiote antics require.

Marvel promises to reveal details of Death of Venomverse at a later date. Before that, Extreme Venomverse #1 goes on sale May 10 with a cover from Leinil Francis Yu, seen above.

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