Dead Space's new secret ending has finally been uncovered, and it's wild

Dead Space
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Dead Space's new secret ending has been uncovered, and it's absolutely off the chain.

Be warned: there are full story spoilers for the Dead Space remake here!

Yesterday on January 26, Stevivor uploaded the video seen just below, detailing the Dead Space remake's alternate ending in full. The new ending was outed last week thanks to leaked Achievements for the remake, but we now finally know what the ending entails, and how you can see it for yourself.

Firstly, you'll have to track down every Marker Fragment on the USG Ishimura, as the video above details. Then, you need to make it far enough in the New Game + mode in Dead Space so that you can place the Marker Fragments back in the Shrine in the Captain's Quarters, and then finish the game in order to see the absolute chaos that unfolds afterward.

The alternate ending has Isaac Clarke fully giving into a mental breakdown after collecting all the Marker Fragments. He then fully submits to the Dead Space Marker itself when he departs Aegis VII at the conclusion of the game, giving into his hallucinations of Nicole, and heading back to planet Earth. This is a brand new ending to Dead Space, something of remake developer EA Motive's creation entirely.

The implication here, we think, is that Isaac takes on the burden of delivering the Marker back to Earth, unleashing the necromorphs back home. That surely can't be a good thing, not just for our heroic protagonist, but also for the entire population of humanity. 

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