Dead Space 2: New details, screens and Necromorphs

You're now on Saturn's moon, Titan, and this new backdrop provides new types of Necromorph to deal with. Stalkers, for example, peek out from corners and use flanking tactics to get the jump on Isaac. Crawlers - or little babies that explode - advance like tiny mobile mines. And the Pack are a group of running Necromorph that sprint with others to try and overwhelm our hero. Thankfully Isaac is even more of a bad ass this time around too.

Above: A stalkersprings a surprise on Isaac but is in for a whoopin'

He can now use telekinesis on shards of metal or Necromorph's razor-sharp limbs to slice them in half. Handy for when you're out of bullets then. He's also got a javelin gun that fires hot rods through enemies and pins them to the wall. Ouch.

Isaac isable to put his engineer skills to better use too, by now being able to hack terminals via minigame, which involves finding the sweet spot on the analogue stick and then yanking the circuits out.

Above: Take off one of the spindly limbs and you can use it as a weapon

The environments have been improved too, meaning more cosmetic damage to interiors but also adding a dangerous element to the gameplay where a stray shot may blow out a window and suck Isaac and any Necromorphs out into the atmosphere. The way you stop this? Shoot a little switch which throws up a metal shutter, that's how.

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