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Dead Space 2 is a "mind-numbing, mind-altering, demonic weapon" says somebody's mom

Any game your mum doesn't like must be cool. That's EA's thinking when it comes to Dead Space 2, which may be rather old-fashioned, but it makes for a damn fine video advertisement. Several real-life 'moms' were put in front of a Dead Space 2 showreel that features vomiting, dismemberment and other unsavoury scenes. Here are their horrified (highly entertaining) reactions:

"Fire. It's very fireful." Yes it is... whatever the hell that means. The fun doesn't stop there, as some of the more entertaining subjects have been given their own video edits on YouTube. Here are some of our favourites:

We do feel a little sorry for this lady who seems really up for it before it starts:

And this one says if she ever sees Dead Space 2 for sale, she'll take a hammer and 'slam it'. You don't want to be around when she does that. Nosiree.

But this is by far our favourite:

What would your mum/mom say of it? Let us know in the comments.

17 Jan, 2011

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