Dead Rising 2 guide

Dead Rising 2 guide
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Use this Dead Rising 2 guide to find all of the gifts for Katey, combo cards, unlockable items, and juice combinations to help you survive the outbreak.

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PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by Wazz

Easy Kill Psychopaths

Near Safe House

I found out that it is really easy to kill most of the psychopaths if you combine the bowie knife with the boxing gloves. However, this weapon doesn't have a lot of endurance, but it's a good one to keep handy. The easiest way to combine these two weapons is to go to the top of "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" which is the first magazine stand next to the safe house. On top of it should be the bowie knife, so now all you need is a Maintenance Room and the Boxing gloves. The boxing gloves are almost directly "north" of where the bowie knife was located. They are in the store called, "The Man's Sport". So now just combine the two to get a very awesome and useful weapon, the "Knife Gloves". Also if you run out of a location all of the weapons and items reset so you can get a lot of knife gloves by just walking into the Americana Casino, and then back into the Royal Flush Plaza to make multiple Knife Gloves.

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by cookieblah

S.W.A.T Shop

If you go upstairs to the second floor of the Palisades mall then on your map in the very bottom right corner there is a shop called 'High-Noon Shooting Range' This has full swat outfits, army outfits, shotguns, sniper rifles and pistols. Enjoy!

Xbox 360 | Submitted by 4everbored

Easy Final Boss Kill

Last level (the Facts)

Best thing too do is use the front kick to make him fall to his knees and then hit him with Dismemberer (sledge hammer and axe) make sure u bring lots of juice (pain killer an quick step) ans save in the toilet before the elevator.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by ShadowXiras

All Gifts For Katey

These are all of the gifts for Katey:

Giant Elephant Stufffed Animal: Children's Castle Toy Store (Royal Flush Plaza)

Giant Bull Stuffed Animal: Children's Castle Toy Store (Royal Flush Plaza)

Giant Donkey Stuffed Animal: Small Fry Duds Store (Royal Flush Plaza)

Giant Rabbit Stuffed Animal: Americana Casino (After jumping on ceiling lights)

Robot Bear: Astonishing Illusions (Royal Flush Plaza)

Beach Ball: Atlantica Casino in Fountain

Marbles: Children's Castle Toy Store (Royal Flush Plaza)

Stick Pony: Children's Castle Toy Store (Royal Flush Plaza)

Squirt Gun: Silver Strip next to Silver Strip Sign

Snowflake The Tiger: Defeat ted and rescue Snowflake the Tiger

Funny Painting: Palisades Mall) Available for purchase from Randolph for $3000 during Art Appreciation side quest.

Xbox 360 | Submitted by ShadowXiras

How To Rescue Snowflake The Tiger

After watching the video of Ted with Snowflake, kill Ted. Do Not Hit Snowflake with anything. Run to the ledge and grab the two steaks on it. Then go to the small pillar in the side of the ledge and grab the last steak. Drop one steak near the outside of the tiger cage. Wait near the ledge for the tiger to come. Everytime Snowflake passes the steak jump on the ledge. Repeat this until Snowflake has eaten all of the steaks. Once all the steaks have been eaten Snowflake turns into a survivor and will maul zombies as you lead him to the safe room.

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by DarkCarnX3

Easy Kill: Leon

Silver & Platinum Strips

1. Get the motorbike from in front of the arena

2. Use the bike to goto the fireworks store in Silver Strip

3. Get Rockets and Use the bike to get the the alley with the Maintenance Room

4. Pick up a Metal Pipe and use the bike to goto the rock canyon

5. in the rocks, there is a Maintenance Room. Go in there and make a rocket launcher

6. Go outside the door of the Maintenance Room and stand on the left side corner (you might want to save before you start attacking)

7. When he comes at you from the left side he will run into the wall, when he does, shoot him with the rocket launcher, and repeat this last step until he does.

PS3 | Submitted by TimbersMeShiver

Final Boss *SPOILERS*

Final boss


Sullivan uses a handgun, advanced hand-to-hand fighting, and throws flares that call missiles.

Firstly, in the Yucatan casino maintenance room, there is a spitball gun. Find the room with the tiki torches, combine the gun with one then save. Load the game and repeat (need 2 of them).

You will need at least 4 items of food that heal 4+ slots.

Go up the elevator, ignore the zombies except the ones on the stairs (it's where you'll be fighting from). Activate the cutscene, turn around and go behind the hedge/fence. Take shots at him till he dies, healing as needed.

Beware the flares.


- 2 firespitters

- 4+ items of food

- go up

- kill zombies on stairs

- hide behind hedge/fence while shooting

PS3 | Submitted by CheatPlanet

Unlock Tape It Or Die Secret Trophy

Wingman Combo Card

To unlock the Tape it or Die secret Trophy you'll need to combine a Nectar with a Queen on the work bench. This will create the Wingman Combo Card that causes a Queen to follow you around and sting zombies in the head, exploding them for 500pp each.

Nectar can be got by combing Beer and Jellybeans

Queens can be got after Katie's second Zombrex shot, and will appear when you kill infected zombies that stand in place waving their arms around.

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by Gompiemario

Combo Cards

1. Claws

Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife

2. Improvised Explosive Device

Box of Nails + Gas Can

3. Drill Bucket

Bucket + Drill

4. Molotov

Newspaper + Booze

5. Electric Rake

Car Battery + Rake

6. Gem Blower

Gems + Leaf Blower

7. Defiler

Axe + Sledgehammer

8. Air Horn

Traffic Cone + Aresol Spray

9. Hail Mary

Football + Grenade

10. Snowball Cannon

Extinguisher + Super Soaker

11. Tenderizers

Box of Nails + MMA Gloves

12. Fountain Lizard

Lizard Head Mask + Pipe

13. Dynameat

Human Hand + TNT

14. Fire Spitter

Tiki Torch + Light Machine Gun

15. Freedom Bear

Giant Teddy Bear + Light Machine Gun

16. Flamethrower

Gas Can + Super Soaker

17. Rocket Launcher

Pipe + Fireworks

18. Exsanguinator

Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade

19. Blambow

Bow And Arrows + TNT

20. Beer Hat

Bottle of Beer + Hard Hat

21. Heliblade

Toy Helicopter + Machete

22. Power Guitar

Guitar + Amp

23. Light Saber

Gems + Flashlight

24. Pitchfork Shotgun

Pitchfork + Shotgun

25. Paddlesaw

Canoe paddle + Chainsaw

27. Testla Ball

Hamster Ball + Car Battery

27. Letrci-Rake

Rake + Car Battery

28. Propeller Hat

Serve-Bot Head + Propeller

29. Moto-Saw

Dirt Bike + Chainsaw

30. Zombie Eater

Push Lawn Mower + 2X4

31.Wheelchair-Machinegun: Wheelchair + Machinegun

32.Hacker: Flashlight + Computer case

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by CheatPlanet

Ghouls N Ghosts Armor

To get Arthur's Suit of armor from Ghouls 'n Ghosts you must gather all 4 pieces. Wearing all 4 pieces at once doubles your health, but pieces fall of as you take damage until you're in your underwear.

Full Beard & Mustache: In the back of the store "Moe's Migitations" in Royal Flush Plaza.

Knight Armor: Complete the game with the "S" ending.

Knight Boots: Buy at the Pawnshop in the Platinum Strip.

Knight Helmet: Eliminate Jack in Strip Poker in the Ante Up side mission

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by CheatPlanet

Hidden Costumes And Secret Clothing

Tattered Clothes: Kill 1,000 zombies using only hand to hand attacks

Waitress Oufit, Bowling Shirt, Hunting Jacket, and Overalls: Start a game and import a Case Zero file

Willemette Mall Costume: Rescue 50 survivors

TIR Helmet: Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online

TIR Outfit: Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online

Champion's Jacket: Win a TIR episode (be the top player when the round ends)

Convicts: Kill 10 psychopaths

Hockey Mask: Use every melee weapon

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by CheatPlanet

Quick Items

Near rare items

Leave and re-enter an area that causes the loading screen to appear, and all of the items in the area will have respawned.

PS3, Xbox 360, PC | Submitted by CheatPlanet

Juice Combinations

Energizer (Chuck cannot be injured. This effect lasts for ten seconds.)

Energizer: Chili + Chili

Energizer: Taco + Hamburger

Nectar (Attracts any nearby Queens to Chuck, and spawns one Queen nearby. This effect lasts for six minutes.)

Nectar: Orange Juice + Orange Juice

Nectar: Jelly Beans + Beer

Nectar: Onion Rings + Orange Juice

Pain Killer (Chuck takes only half physical damage. This effect lasts for one minute.)

Pain killer: Beer + Beer

Pain Killer: Vodka + Vodka

Quick Step: (Increases Chuck's movement speed drastically. This effect lasts for one minute.)

Quick Step: Milk + Jelly Beans

Quick Step: Wine + Beer

Quick Step: Bacon + Pie

Randomizer (Gives Chuck stomach pains that makes him puke. He throws up three times. This effect lasts for three minutes.)

Randomizer: Beer + Cooking Oil

Randomizer: Wine + Vodka

Repulse: (Zombies cannot and will not try to attack you. It overrides Zombait while in effect. This effect lasts for one minute.):

Repulse: Bacon + Chili

Repulse: Chili + Large Soda

Repulse: Chili + Ketchup

Repulse: Chili + Onion Rings

Repulse: Chili + Pie

Spitfire: (Changes Chuck's harmless ability to spit at zombies into a short range flame burst. This effect lasts for one minute.):

Spitfire: Bacon + Onion Rings

Spitfire: Ketchup + Ketchup

Spitfire: Bacon + Orange Juice

Spitfire: Chili + Orange Juice

Untouchable: (Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies but can still suffer damage from their attacks. This effect lasts for one minute.)

Untouchable: Bacon + Bacon

Untouchable: Pizza + Large Soda

Untouchable: Bacon + Milk

Untouchable: Chili + Milk

Untouchable: Onion Rings + Milk

Untouchable: Onion Rings + Pie

Untouchable: Pie + Orange Juice

Untouchable: Orange Juice + Milk

Zombait (Zombies are more attracted to Chuck, which can aid in distracting zombies from survivors. This effect lasts for one minute.)

Zombait: Jelly Beans + Chili

Zombait: Apple + Taco

Zombait: Pie + Milk

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