Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 may come West, and bring some beefcake with it

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, currently in development for the PS4, might come West if there's enough demand, producer Yosuke Hayashi explained to Japanese magazine Famitsu. According to Famitsu (as summarized by Gematsu), the new game may also include male characters - a first for the series and significant addition, if it comes to fruition. Here's why:

For the uninitiated among us, the DOA Xtreme games are a spin-off series from the Dead or Alive fighting games. The DOA games have historically been advertised not only as fast-paced 3D combat games, but as a way to view - well, "ogle" might be a more accurate term - beautiful women. Development studio Team Ninja practically invented jiggle physics for female characters' breasts back in 1998 for the original Dead or Alive, and were still refining them with their "Soft Engine" (link NSFW) for DOA5: Last Round on PS4 and Xbox One.

But if you wanted to skip all that "fighting" nonsense, you could dive in to the DOAX games, which took place on a desert island resort and replaced uppercuts with volleyball, roundhouse kicks with lounging by the pool, and punishing throws with girls bumping each other with their butts. I swear, it's a real thing. Here, skip to 1:54 and take a look (again, probably not while at work).

So if the volleyball/friendship simulator/mini-game collection/borderline-softcore-porn series which has been the most fanservice-y of fanservice media were to suddenly feature studmuffins like Bayman (pictured above) showing some skin, it would signal not only a markedly different tone from previous iterations, but a unique approach to contemporary views; it would be a series changing with the times not by toning their sexuality down, but by giving equal opportunity lusting.

I'm down with that.

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Sam Prell

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