Dead Island 2 resurfaces with a release date in retailer leak

Dead Island 2
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Dead Island 2 has reared its undead head once again in a retailer leak.

As spotted earlier today on August 18 by Wario64, Dead Island 2 has just received an update listing on Amazon. The new listing features a number of brand new screenshots for the undead game, as well as PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X versions, and even a release date of February 3, 2023.

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It turns out the Amazon listing was actually a lot more detailed about the forthcoming sequel, but has since largely been scrubbed. The release date for Dead Island 2 has been wiped clean off Amazon's website, for example, as have plot details and other new aspects of the game.

However, one handy Reddit post summarised the entire thing before it was deleted. According to the since-scrubbed listing, Dead Island 2 takes place in a recreation of Los Angeles (wait, that's not an island), including locations like Venice Beach and Beverly Hills, sort of like that one section of Zombieland.

What's more, it seems like there'll be six characters to play as in Dead Island 2. These six characters can be taken and modified with various skills, to make each one suited to the play style of the player. It's not clear if you're stuck with the same one character throughout the entire game once you've picked them.

Dead Island 2 was unveiled over nine years ago, but it seems like the finish line could finally be in sight for the horror sequel, if this new Amazon listing is genuine. With Gamescom's Opening Night Live ceremony slated for next week, it's entirely probable all these details could be announced at the showcase on Tuesday, August 23.

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