Dead by Daylight gets a murderous painter and an FBI hacker for its new chapter

Dead by Daylight
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's new chapter will see two new original characters joining the frenzied horror fray.

Announced just earlier today, Portrait of a Murder is the next chapter coming to Dead by Daylight, and it'll arrive later this month. In a brand new YouTube trailer revealing the new chapter, the killer is a Chilean painter called Carmina Mora, while the survivor joining them is Mexican American Jonah Vasquez.

The new killer looks nothing short of deadly, with ink blotting overtaking her pasty white face, a look which came about after she was apparently saved from taking her life by a swarm of crows. On the other hand, Vasquez is actually a CIA-employed codebreaker, and has travelled to Chile in the hopes of continuing his research. He's probably got a little more than he bargained for.

As ever with Dead by Daylight, a new chapter means a brand new map to hide in. Forsaken Boneyard is the name of the new map accompanying Mora and Vasquez to Dead by Daylight, a dusty setting boasting one towering crypt and an unsettling amount of crows.

This is Dead by Daylight's venture back to original content for a new chapter after Hellraiser's Pinhead made his entrance to the game in September. Before that though, Resident Evil's Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and the monstrous Nemesis made their way to Behaviour Interactive's online horror game, complete with the Raccoon City Police Department as the new map. Just late last month in fact, right before Halloween, Dead by Daylight added new skins for all three Resident Evil characters, kitting out the two survivors in the garb of Chris and Claire Redfield.

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