DayZ video update shows improved clothes, scavenging

DayZ's development as a standalone game has been fairly quiet recently, but if developer Dean "Rocket" Hall's first video log is any indication, it was the good kind of quiet. In about 15 minutes of video, Hall and another developer [review some of the changes and additions which they hope will elevate the game from a clunky-yet-promising mod to its own fully developed concept.

It seems nudity still clashes with social norms in the end of days, and a range of clothes from boots to sweaters will at least let players die without catching cold. Players who hope to live long enough to assemble a wardrobe will need to be much more perceptive when scavenging Chernarus' greatly improved interiors and diversified landscape for scattered bits of food and weaponry.

Hall says the team will start building out a crafting system after it's satisfied with the new, much-simplified inventory. DayZ Standalone still has no official time frame to public testing, but Hall is "confident it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to join in the development yourself."

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