Days Gone New Game Plus mode's coming next week so you can keep your sweet bike

(Image credit: Sony)

Days Gone New Game Plus mode is finally coming, and so is your  chance to ride with Deacon once again with most of your cool stuff still unlocked. Developer Bend Studio made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, confirming that Days Gone New Game Plus mode will arrive in a free update to the game on September 13, along with two new difficulty modes for some fresh challenges.

Once it goes live, you'll be able to start New Game Plus by selecting any save with the "I'm Never Giving Up" storyline completed (that's the one that ends with the credits, you don't need to finish all the epilogue missions that are unlocked afterward). You can choose any difficulty level to start your New Game Plus campaign, no matter what you selected for your original Days Gone playthrough. Speaking of difficulty, the same update will add Hard 2 and Survival 2 modes, though Bend Studio didn't say how they'll differ in play from their non-numbered counterparts.

All of the weapons, bike upgrades, skills, recipes, NERO boosters, encampment trust and credits, collectibles, and trophy progress from the first game will carry over into your New Game Plus campaign. You can also keep using patches earned via Challenges, which makes the little stat boosters even more valuable than they were before.

You'll be able to earn new trophies in New Game Plus as well as in Hard 2 and Survival 2. Bend Studio is teasing one related to a new weapon "from an agent that only operates in the shadows,'' which sounds like another Syphon Filter tease if I've ever heard one.

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