Dawn of the dead good

Friday 21 April 2006
Feast yourself on this big, bloody handful of new Dead Rising shots. Before they feast on you...

We've all been waiting for Dead Rising for a good long while now, and this gutful of screens straight from Capcom's warm, tasty braaaainnnss means that you won't have to wander around aimlessly, groaning about your empty stomach and clawing at pedestrians.

A videogame based on zombies is hardly original, but Capcom's take lets you run riot in a mall that's infested with hundreds and hundreds of undead shufflers, staving their heads in with pretty much anything you can get your hands on. And we mean anything - lawnmowers, mannequins, golf clubs, traffic cones, TVs... if you can buy it from Argos, you can murder zombies with it. Fantastic.