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David Jaffe reveals the sexy secret motive behind Twisted Metal's Valentine's Day release date

Twisted Metal's Valentine's Day release date might seem strange to some people. It's not really a "loving" game by any means. There's nothing romantic about shooting cars with rocket launchers until they explode. It's just not... Valentine's Day material, right? Well, David Jaffe begs to differ. He not only thinks that Valentine's Day is a perfect release date for the game, but has some very specific reasons for thinking that.

And that's all we can say while remaining PG about it. For the full, secret, sexy ulterior motive behind the game's release date check out the video.

This is just one chunk of our full interview with Jaffe, which will be posted later this week. Be sure to swing back then for the full thing to find out more, including why Jaffe would compare Twisted Metal to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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