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Here's what to look for in Dauntless' first post-launch update, Fortune & Glory

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The first big post-launch content update for Dauntless has something for everyone: pirate clothes and Trials missions. That covers everyone, right? I mean, I can't believe anyone wouldn't be interested in at least one of those things. Anyway, the Dauntless Fortune & Glory Update went live on Tuesday, kicking off a new season and Hunt Pass as well as new challenges for players.

Veteran Slayers who are itching for new challenges should report directly to Lady Luck, a new character who has set up shop in Ramsgate. With her blessing (which you can only get after reaching the Rezakiri and Shrowd hunts, make sure you read our Dauntless tips (opens in new tab) if you're not there yet) you can storm the new Island of Trials. This strange new island features altered versions of Behemoths complete with new environmental hurdles to overcome: namely, the adorably named but oh-so-annoying Smollucs who leave trails of hazardous Aether everywhere they crawl.

Competing in Trials at normal difficulty will earn you Steel Marks that can be used to purchase unique rewards like weapon mods and alternate special attacks. Competing at Dauntless difficulty will get you Gilded Marks, which can be used to unlock flashy new cosmetic options. You'll also be able to compete for glory on the Wall of Champions board outside of Lady Luck's shop. Trials rotate every week, so you'll be able to check back in for a fresh set of challenges and a new chance to make your name on a weekly basis.

The new update also marks the start of Dauntless' new High Skies season, which will encompass two back-to-back Hunt Passes. The first is the eponymously titled Fortune & Glory pass, with 50 levels worth of rewards across its free and Elite tracks (naturally, you'll get extra pirate-y gear if you pay for Elite status). We already had ninjas in the last Hunt Pass, so I dunno what Dauntless will follow pirates with once Fortune & Glory ends. Oooh, maybe creepy Halloween stuff?

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