Dark shots from the Dark Kingdom

A new round of screens from PS3 action-RPG Untold Legends Dark Kingdom has crawled up from the dungeons - you might want to close the curtains before checking the Images tab above, as developer Sony Online Entertainment is obviously taking the 'dark' part seriously.

For a slightly less gloomy view, we've also got a fresh, pre-rendered trailer (hit the Movies tab to view it), which unfortunately fails to make any of the three playable heroes - Warrior, Scout and Mage - seem particularly appealing. It's a shame, considering the original Untold Legends games on PSP had a far more memorable style than anything we've seen from Dark Kingdom.

Dark Kingdom will apparently use lots of breakable and throwable objects to make combat more interesting than it appears in screens (something the trailer hints at), although we didn't see much of that during our hands-on sessions with it. It's still unfinished, though, so we won't write it off just yet - but we're still skeptical.

October 5, 2006