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  • PS3, Xbox 360 | Submitted by McGurkus

    Beat the Final Boss

    This one is also one of the easier boss fights of the game. Alright have the same weapons for the Nemesis fight because you will hardly use them. When the tentacles come out of the body, hit the green bubbles with either the glaive or shoot them. When they open up throw the glaive at the electric rod up at the top and throw them at the middle of the arm where it opened up. When you have done that to all of the arms, you should be able to throw the glaive at the man inside, make sure you have electricity on it to hurt him, and control the glaive to make sure it hits him by pressing RB after you've thrown it. Do this 3 times and he should drop like a rock.

  • PS3, Xbox 360 | Submitted by McGurkus

    Beat Nemesis

    This was the easiest boss fight i believe. This fight works if you have the mini uzi- like gun with fire rate and clip size increase. You just have to dodge his attacks like the stalker and shoot him when he is vulnerable. He has a shield that he uses that blocks all attacks. When he charges his lightning attack just dodge, throw the glaive at the electricity, and whip it at him, this should obliterate his shield and yield him vulnerable. Just follow the tips and there is an easy 85 GS Achievement!

  • PS3, Xbox 360 | Submitted by McGurkus

    Beat the Stalker

    Alright, I found this one a bit tricky at first, but I got it after a while. You just have to let him charge you, and then we he appears roll out of the way and unload into him. I think double shot and fire power work best for this fight. Once he climbs up the pillar, get ready for bomb attacks. Before he shoots them at you he'll become visible and have a green glow below his feet, just watch for that and pop the shield to blow them back at him and he'll die in no time.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by brute417

    Defeating Colossus

    When he climbs up the pillar capture fire on the Glaive and hit him with it. Then wait for the fire to go out then run up to him and put the finisher in. Then repeat. Later he will charge you, and you just keep hitting him with the fire. Only hit him when he turns red otherwise he will charge you and force you to charge.

Dark Sector Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Krull

    Brutal Mode

    Brutal Mode - Beat the game to unlock this new harder difficulty

  • PS3 | Submitted by Ergoss


    Baggage Claim - Complete Chapter 3
    Champion - Best overall in a ranked team game (Multiplayer)
    Comrade - Scored 500 points in ranked team games (Multiplayer)
    Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty - Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty
    Double Decap Latte - Two decapitations in one shot
    Electrician - Electrocuted 30 enemies
    Exposure - Complete Chapter 2
    Finesse - 30 Aftertouch kills
    Ghost - Used cloaking to get a finisher
    Glaive Master - Completed a level by only using the Glaive
    Glory - Finished best overall in a ranked match (Multiplayer)
    Greed - Collected over 50,000 rubles
    Hardball - 30 Power-throw kills
    Headhunter - Decapitated 30 enemies
    Hero - Scored 5000 points (Multiplayer)
    Hero of the people - Scored 5000 points in ranked team games (Multiplayer)
    Incinerator - Incinerated 30 enemies
    Industrial Evolution - Complete Chapter 7
    Jack Frost - Killed 30 frozen enemies
    Jack the Jackal - Took the Jackal for a ride
    Master Researcher - Collected all the weapon upgrades
    Moths To The Flame - Complete Chapter 4
    Prologue - Complete Chapter 1
    Rebound - Killed an enemy with a reflected projectile
    Researcher - Collected 10 weapon upgrades
    Sharpshooter - 30 Headshots
    Skeet Shooter - Shot 10 projectiles in mid-flight
    The Bait - Complete Chapter 6
    The Dark Sector Complete - Chapter 10
    The Finisher - Performed 30 finishers
    The Shipment - Complete Chapter 5
    Threshold Guardian - Complete Chapter 9
    Unnatural History - Complete Chapter 8
    Veteran - Scored 500 points (Multiplayer)
    Weaponsmith - Applied 5 upgrades in the market

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by fark vector, RedX


    Baggage Claim (10 ) - Complete Chapter 3.
    Champion (30) - Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Epidemic Match (Multiplayer).
    Colossus (50) - Defeated the Colossus
    Comrade (30) - Score 500 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).
    Dark Sector - Brutal Difficulty (110) - Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty.
    Double Decap Latte (15) - Get Two Decapitations In One Shot.
    Electrician (10) - Electrocute 30 Enemies.
    Exposure (10) - Complete Chapter 2.
    Finesse (40) - Kill 30 enemies with Aftertouch.
    Ghost (35) - Used Shifting To Get a Finisher
    Glaive Master (10) - Complete a Level by Only Using the Glaive.
    Glory (30) - Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Infection Match (Multiplayer).
    Greed (10) - Collect over 50,000 rubles.
    Hardball (35) - Kill 30 enemies with Power-throw.
    Headhunter (10) - Decapitate 30 Enemies.
    Hero (40) - Score 2000 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).
    Hero of the People (40) - Score 2000 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).
    Incinerator (10) - Incinerate 30 Enemies.
    Industrial Evolution (10) - Complete Chapter 7.
    Jack Frost (10) - Kill 30 Frozen Enemies.
    Jack the Jackal (35) - Took the Jackal for a Ride
    Master Researcher (15) - Collect All the Weapon Upgrades.
    Moths To The Flame (10) - Complete Chapter 4.
    Nemesis (85) - Defeated the Nemesis.
    Prologue (10) - Complete Chapter 1.
    Rebound (15) - Kill an Enemy With a Reflected Projectile.
    Researcher (10) - Collect 10 Weapon Upgrades.
    Sharpshooter (10) - Get 30 Headshots.
    Skeet Shooter (10) - Shoot 10 Projectiles in Mid-flight.
    Stalker (65) - Defeated the Stalker
    The Bait (10) - Complete Chapter 6.
    The Dark Sector (100 ) - Complete the Game.
    The Finisher (10) - Perform 30 Finishers.
    The Shipment (10) - Complete Chapter 5.
    Threshold Guardian (10) - Complete Chapter 9.
    Veteran (30) - Score 500 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).
    Weaponsmith (10) - Apply 5 Upgrades in the Black Market.

  • PS3 | Submitted by Brutis

    Brutal Mode

    Complete 10 chapters to unlock Brutal Mode