Dario Argento to make Dracula 3D

Alright, so vampires are cool again. We’ve lost count of how many fang-flicks have been released over the past year, and are lined up for the future.

But with quality varying wildly, it’s time for the granddaddy of horror to come and show us how it’s done.

Yes, Dario Argento is planning on making a new, “faithful” Dracula film. And proving that he’s no fuddy-duddy, he’s going to do it in 3D.

Shock Til You Drop tweeted the news yesterday from Cannes, posting: “Just announced, Dario Argento’s Dracula in 3D, filming in Italy in January, period setting.”

The Suspiria (below) and Phenomena director, who is renowned for his surreal, gory horror flicks, will be writing and directing the project, which will be a faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel.

Meanwhile, daughter Asia Argento is writing a new flick called A Hunting Gun with husband Michele Civetta and Japanese writer Yasushi Inoue.

Asia swore off writing when her 2004 film adap of novel The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things proved strangely prophetic, and was caught up in a scandal when the original book’s author was exposed as a con artist.

A Hunting Gun is about Josuke, the owner of said gun who has an affair with his wife’s older cousin. The story will be told from the POV of three women who are close to Josuke: his wife, his mistress and her daughter.

Looking forward to the Argento’s return to movies?

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