New D&D book Keys From the Golden Vault gets a release date

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Following its announcement earlier this year, the release date for new D&D book Keys From the Golden Vault has been revealed by surprise on Amazon

Although no new details have been added about the book's contents, the listing (which was first discovered by tells us that this heist-focused D&D anthology will be joining the best tabletop RPGs on February 21, 2023. Publisher Wizards of the Coast had penciled in a Winter '23 launch window for Keys From the Golden Vault before now, but that's the first word we've had of a firm release date. It's also the first time we've seen pricing information for this collection of adventures; the listing states that it can be can be pre-ordered for $49.95 at Amazon. This is the same MSRP as other recent Dungeons and Dragons books.

No further information is provided by Amazon besides a blurb that reads, "greetings, adventurer. You’ve snuck in and found a wondrous treasure! Keys From the Golden Vault is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure anthology with a heist at the center of every tale. Nothing else is yet known about the contents of this tome, but keep an eye on your favorite D&D news sources for your first sneak peek inside." This feels like a placeholder from publisher Wizards of the Coast to avoid spoilers from retailers publishing listings too early - which is apt, in this instance.

Considering how close Keys From the Golden Vault is to publication, more details will presumably be arriving soon. However, from what we know already, this will be a series of one-shot adventures like Candlekeep Mysteries and Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel. However, they'll focus on daring thefts.

Naturally, it's not the only addition to D&D that's arriving in 2023. As announced during Wizards Presents 2022, we're also expecting Bigby Presents Glory of Giants in Spring. The Book of Many Things and a full-fledged Phandelver campaign (based on the original Dungeons and Dragons starter set) will also be here in Summer '23, followed by the return of Planescape that Fall.

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