Dancing Eyes is a PS3 game about a tiny monkey that removes women's clothes. Here's a video to prove that such a thing exists

Unless you happened to be a frequenter of Japanese arcades in the mid-90s, it's highly unlikely that you've ever heard of Dancing Eyes. Released by Namco in 1996, Dancing Eyes is about a tiny monkey that cuts square and rectangular shapes in women's clothing, consequently revealing their undergarments and leaving them in a state of undress. We don't know why such a thing would be happening. But this is a video of it happening:

Once the lady has become liberated of her outer-clothes, the player is able to swing the camera around, zoom in and out and do whatever they can to find the optimum angle from which to gaze upon the semi-naked avatar. A bit like Pokemon Snap, but with 100% less Snorlax and 100% more undressed females.

Namco Bandai is giving the game a lick of modern console spuffery and releasing Dancing Eyes on PS3 as part of its Namco Generation collection. It'll basically be the same game, with shinier graphics and PlayStation Move compatibility. There are some screens and Japanese words on the official site, although the trailer below is much easier to understand. Sort of.

We consider it highly unlikley that Dancing Eyes will release anywhere other than Japan. But we wanted to write about it anyway. If nothing else it's a bit of light relief to break up all the 'Shooty War 9' stories.

Thanks Siliconera for alerting us to Dancing Eyes.

June 16, 2011

Matt Cundy
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