Damon Lindelof will rewrite World War Z

World War Z , the big-screen adaptation of the popular novel by Max Brooks, is set to undergo major surgery, with Damon Lindelof coming on board to give the script a thorough rewrite, despite the film already having been shot!

The film recently vacated its December 2012 release date in favour of a new opening in summer 2013, with approximately 6-7 weeks of reshoots being scheduled by Paramount. Lindelof has joined the team to see that said reshoots remedy what presumably must be some serious problems with the first cut.

Lindelof is thought to be focussing on the film’s final act, which apparently requires serious restructuring. Having previously worked on Star Trek and Prometheus , as well as TVs Lost , Lindelof’s sci-fi cred is sky high, so hopefully he can lick this one into shape before next summer.

World War Z will follow the exploits of Brad Pitt’s UN representative who is charged with travelling the globe, attempting to wipe out a growing zombie pandemic that looks set to wipe out human civilisation once and for all.

Paramount were thought to have been planning a potential trilogy, although that will very much depend on whether this first film can be salvaged and converted into an audience-pleasing opener. World War Z will open in the UK on 21 June 2013.

George Wales

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