Daily Xbox reward is being scrapped for non-Game Pass subscribers

Xbox Game Pass
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The daily "Achieve more. Earn more." reward is about to leave Xbox, swapping over to the paid Xbox Game Pass Quests achievement track instead.

As reported on True Achievements, April 4 marks the day that "Achieve more. Earn more." ceases to be a daily Xbox reward for all users of the Xbox Series X or Xbox One consoles. By clicking on the task in Microsoft Rewards, a screen pops up with the following information: "'Achieve More. Earn More.' is moving to Quests. We regret to inform we are ending the 'Achieve More. Earn More' offer on the Rewards App on Xbox on April 3rd, 2023. We will add a new daily achievement [to] Xbox Game Pass Quest, starting April 4th, 2023."

Daily achievements reward you with points, which can be traded for games and subscriptions once you've collected enough. One of these daily achievements is "Achieve more. Earn more.", awarding you 50 points for completing an in-game achievement each day. Judging from the pop-up text above, it seems that the daily achievement will be moved to the paid Quests track instead.

This is bad news if you're not yet a member of Game Pass, Microsoft's monthly subscription service. With a range of tiers and prices to choose from, Game Pass lets you pick up and play Xbox games from across the generations for a rolling fee. This includes day-one releases for most Xbox exclusives, so you can expect to see Redfall and Starfield on there someday.

However, the achievement information does state that it's not all bad news if you really aren't keen to add yet another subscription service to your long list. "If you are not an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can still benefit from the many other activities available here [on Microsoft Rewards]," the pop-up text reads. So that means they aren't scrapping the general rewards system entirely – at least, not yet.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to subscribe, check out the best Xbox Game Pass games to see what's on offer. 

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