Cuthbert is a Sassy Girl

Poor Elisha Cuthbert. It must be difficult convincing any casting director she can do anything more than be a rather convincing kidnap victim.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our 24 here in the basement and know that the young lady behind Kim-nice-but-dim Bauer is a true thesp.

It’s with glee then, that we report Cuthbert’s possible involvement in My Sassy Girl from French helmer Yann Samuell.

Adapted from a South Korean rom-com, the tale follows a couldn’t-care-less hussy who rolls into the life of an uptight Midwestern fella and causes havoc.

Samuell helmed and co-wrote the edgy dramatic comedy Jeux D’Enfants. My Sassy Girl will be the former storyboard artists’ second feature.