Cult-favorite developer Treasure creating 3D action shooter

Legendary action/shooter developer Treasure makes really good games, most of them of the “old school shooter you need to play right now” variety. We’d like to give you a moment to go play one – let’s say Radiant Silvergun – to get in the mood and then come back to finish reading this, but the odds of you being skilled enough to finish it in a timely enough manner is a little fishy, so let’s just carry on.

Above: Whatever the hell this is, it’s a good sign

For the enlightened among you who already agree with the above statement, prepare to get excited at the followingjob postingon Treasure’s website. The posting notes that the Japanese developer is seeking programmers with experience in 3D games, action games, and shooters -which all happen to be three of our favorite things.

Above: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor – you should play this. We all should

Though little else is known about the upcoming project, a small image was placed next to the posting for all of us to speculate on. Is it a strange number 4? Are those pipes? The mind boggles.


Aug 4, 2010

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