Cube - hands-on

We recently got a hands-on look at Cube, a 3D puzzler with an intriguing splash of platformer action. If you picked up a copy of the recentPuzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, which includes a demo of Cube, you may already be familiar with its hard to describe, yet easy to pick up gameplay.

The world of Cube is, fittingly, made almost entirely out of cubes. Not only do you control a cube, but each level also consists of a structure made out of similar cubes. The levels play like obstacle courses, and you must roll your cube end over end in any direction to reach a goal. You can roll the cube onto any of its faces, but it can't leave the surface of the course (no jumping). However, gravity isn't an issue, in that any surface on the level is fair game to roll onto, whether it's on the top, side, or bottom of the structure.

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