Crysis hands-on

And it's not just eye-pleasing - each environment offers different gameplay options. Fell a tree to block your enemy's attack, crush them beneath a heavy trunk or shoot through and shatter icy foliage to distract a guard. Plus all the environments will be included in multiplayer modes, promising some unique zero gravity deathmatches.

Crytek is asserting that Crysis remains a PC only title, wanting to focus on the one platform. However, it's likely that PS3 or Xbox 360 could do the game justice, even if Crysis doesn't reach console-land until long after the PC release at the very end of this year. And it would be a massive disappointment if that didn't happen. Crysis is going to be an experience no one will want to miss.

Above: The scenery isn't there just to look pretty - each environment offers different gameplay options

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