Crysis demo is here

Oct 28, 2007

The highly anticipated Crysis single player demo is finally here. The demo was originally scheduled to release on September 25 before Crytek released a statement announcing thatit would be delayed by nearly a month to ensure that the game would be finished on time for its November release.

Our gut told us that the delay might have had more to do with a little game known to some as Halo 3, which was also scheduled to release on September 25, but according to Crytek's Sten H%26uuml;bler - whose work focuses on Crysis' single-player experience - the delay had nothing to do with Master Chief's third adventure. "I think that was just a coincidence," said H%26uuml;bler, when asked if the real reason for the delay was due to the demo's initial release date coinciding with Halo 3's debut.

Click here to download 1.8 gigs of goodness now.