Cry Wolf review

Brit-out-of-water Owen (Julian Morris) arrives at the elite Westlake Prep the same weekend a girl is murdered. He soon becomes ensnared by the local Liars Club's mischievous rich kids led by the elfin Dodger (Lindy Booth), who decide to spread an e-mail rumour that a serial killer was responsible. And he plans to strike again. Inevitably, fiction soon becomes fact as they start being offed in the same way...

Essentially a muted Scream, this is another oh-so-ironic horror where nothing is what it seems but everything slaps logic in the chops. From ludicrous casting (Jon Bon Jovi as a journalism teacher?) to director Jeff Wadlows' (brave) decision to eschew gore, it may avoid cliché but, barring a few jolting sounds, forgets how to frighten, entertain, not insult anyone with a 35-plus IQ or stop the audience cheering every time someone is polished off.

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