Crash of the Titans

Now for the random deets:

Titans will sport 7000 lines of dialogue, most of which come from enemies hanging out when you're not smashing them. If you pause for a moment and listen, they'll carry out entire conversations. The devs are "fanatical about eliminating repetitiveness."

The jackable monsters come in three varieties - locomotive, projectile and brute force. Acquired Mojo Points enable you to power-up Crash's attack as well.

The Wii version uses the remote in a variety of ways. First, as a pointer, you can use it to suck up wayward Mojo Points without actually walking over to collect them. When controlling a monster, acting out its attacks triggers the move - so like a giant bat will have you flap your arms while a gorilla monster asks you to mime beating on your chest. Shaking the remote while Crash is in the air will cause him to do a heli-spin, slowing his descent.

Brett Elston

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