Your role is a changing one throughout Crackdown. Key to this is assuming the guise of several different Agents, sort of like cops with super-human abilities. Your dossier of objectives promises to put your abilities to the test - be it running about at hyper-speed like The Flash or using Hulk-style strength to bash the life out of an enemy from rival faction, the Syndicate. Plus, you can expect to use absolutely anything and everything in the environment as weapons, props or whatever you want. You'll even be able to use a good number of vehicles just to putter around in or to complete even more in-game goals.

Because Crackdown isn't headed home anytime soon (we've heard solid rumors suggesting a release late in 2006), hard and fast details surrounding the gameplay and storyline are still vague and spotty at best. But if Microsoft needs time to get the magic formula right, that's just fine with us. Let's see a true urban crime franchise debut on the 360 when it's really ready.