Cozy RPG My Time at Sandrock gets September release date

My Time at Sandrock
(Image credit: Pathea Games)

Cozy RPG My Time at Sandrock has finally got an official release date after being in early access for the last sixteen months. 

On June 7, developer Pathea Games announced that the My Time at Portia sequel would be leaving early access on September 26, 2023. It's been a long time coming for fans of the wholesome sandbox as it's gone through regular updates, improvements, bug fixes, playtesting, and more over the last year or more. It's clearly been worth all the work though, as My Time at Sandrock already has plenty of 'Very Positive' reviews on Steam

To celebrate the announcement of version 1.0, Pathea Games has also released a brand new trailer for Sandrock and it gives players a good idea of what to expect once the game releases in full later this year. Sandrock is also set to release on Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on the same day. 

So what's changing in September? Well, all single-player quests will reach their conclusion and romanceable NPCs will have their quests implemented. Version 1.0 will also introduce a new sandbox multiplayer mode but it'll be a PC-exclusive feature at first. As the devs revealed on Twitter though, they're "working on bringing it to consoles" - it'll just take around three months after release. 

If you've never heard of My Time at Sandrock, here's what you can expect. Set 330 years after the Day of Calamity (a long, long time after the events of My Time at Portia), players will join the desert community of Sandrock and help restore it to its former glory. As the newest builder in town, players will need to gather resources, build machines, grow relationships, unlock perks and abilities, and even fight a monster or two in the town's ruins.

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