Corrupted Overlord screens

We nabbed eight new screens of the upcoming summer release Overlord that show off the good perks that come with being bad. While it's not essential to play Overlord as an evil despot, it certainly sounds like the most fun way to conquer all those that stand in your path. Still, Director of Triumph Studios Lennart Sas puts a bit of a damper on our evil-doings: "Our goal is not to shock with realistic blood and gore, but to create an entertaining world where people can explore what it's like to have absolute power but in an amusingly gross way, not sick & grotesque." Guess we'll have to make due with funny-gross instead of funny-disturbing.

If you click the Images tab above to peruse our new screens, you'll notice that Overlord is starting to resemble an evil version of Pikmin (that quirky GameCube title that had you herding little plant-like helpers). The difference is that instead of commanding an army of little living onion bulbs you get a horde of tiny goblins with sharp teeth and bad attitudes. These nefarious little bastards will help you achieve victory, but what you do after the fact is up to your cold, cruel heart.

"In Overlord you'll be able to do some pretty wicked stuff, however everything is played out with this twisted fantasy humor," stated Lennart. Fantasy humor or no, we can't wait to mercilessly oppress some peasants into offering us their virgin daughters... and then maybe play some of this new game called Overlord.

September 21, 2006