Core reveals new Deadmau5 social concert space: "It will be the gateway to the brain of Joel"

Deadmau5 is setting up shop in user-generated gaming space Core with his very own fan hub and dedicated concert space - and, of course, a ton of mouse heads.

Core revealed the expanded Deadmau5 collab (he already made a music video in Core) during the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, bringing in Joel Zimmerman as he's known without the light-up mouse head on to explain everything players will be able to try out. The space is known as 0B3RHASL1, pronounced Oberhasli if your leet speak has gotten a little rusty since the early aughts, and it's built to be the ultimate destination for Deadmau5 fans who want to get closer to the music.

The big plan for the space is "interactive concerts," which Zimmerman says will remain relevant longer than previous virtual concerts, which "have no shelf life."

"So the future plans for 0B3RHASL1 are switching it up and keeping it cohesive with real world events," Zimmerman explains. "You know what's happening with Deadmau5 in the tour, the music, and the releases have some longevity to be upgraded. It will be the gateway to the brain of Joel in the world of Core."

Without saying so directly, it sounds like Core is gunning for the virtual event crown currently held by Fortnite - which will be an uphill battle, considering Fortnite recently booked Ariana Grande. But hey, when a different free-to-play virtual platforms vie for the best live events, hopefully audiences will be the winner every time.

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