Condemned: Criminal Origins

Sega's spooky Xbox 360 launch title Condemned: Criminal Origins is set to creep across to PC sometime in the spring. We've got some dark and dangerous new screens that will shake you up.

The move from console to PC has been long predicted ever since Monolith Productions' first-person adventures in the underworld garnered high accolades. This news should leave PC players jumping for joy - moments before they soil themselves in terror.

You'll play a detective framed for homicide and spend part of your time gathering evidence, and the other part mashing in the heads of murderous dead-eyed vagrants as they charge you with lengths of wood covered in rusty nails. Horrifyingly, you haven't had your tetanus booster in nearly 11 years.

Condemned is a disturbing and brilliantly tense experience, and when it hits PC it should look even nicer than its slightly disappointing appearance on 360.