Condemned 2: Bloodshot Q&A

Sept 18, 2007

Has it really been two years since we dove into dark, grimy sewers and beat junkies to death? If you're going through Condemned withdrawals, know that part two is on track for a 2008 release, and we've got the latest news on the grim and gritty Metro City.

GamesRadar: The original Condemned was creepy as hell, but up until the end, most of your enemies were just normal humans who'd been driven insane. Can players expect more brushes with the supernatural this time?

Dave Hasle, Senior Producer: Our balance of the insane versus the "supernatural," as you call it, will be pretty much the same. The added component will be more intense and longer hallucinatory episodes that seem to plague Ethan Thomas.

GR: In the first game, players were largely left in the dark about the real story unless they managed to collect all the bits of metal and dead pigeons that were scattered throughout the game. Are you planning something similar this time, or will you be more open about what's really going on?

DH: One of our primary goals for the story is to provide a gratifying conclusion. We left a series of unanswered questions with Condemned: Criminal Origins. We will definitely be answering several of those questions and provide some "closure" to the player as to what is going on around him; why and who - or what- Ethan Thomas really is.

GR: Society in the original Condemned seemed to be on the road to collapse, thanks to all the crazies running around. Are things really falling apart in the sequel, or is it just Ethan's perspective?

DH: The road has spiraled ever further down and Ethan has allowed himself to be dragged down with it. He has hit rock bottom, as has society around him.

GR: Going along those lines, those who uncovered the game's secrets and played it to the end learned some interesting things about Ethan's origins and his potential. Are there any plans to have him develop special powers or abilities, or will he still spend most of his time clobbering enemies and using conventional investigation methods?

DH: He will spend most of his time "clobbering enemies" and using conventional investigation methods - but his special abilities will eventually work their way to the forefront. It will all be part of the road of recovery and self-discovery that Ethan will have no choice but to take.

GR: We understand most of the game's forensic investigation moments are optional this time around. What incentives will you dangle to entice players to tackle them?

DH: The re-design of the forensics have made them much more compelling and have given the player a lot more control. Forensics has tested very strongly and we feel the majority of players are going to find themselves drawn heavily to the forensics.Players always seem driven to know "why", and the forensics will help them gain a stronger understanding as to the events that are unfolding around them.